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Mistral was born in Calabria.

Her passion and predisposition for art led her to deepen her artistic studies: Degree in Painting section and Second Degree in Monumental Sculpture; qualified to teach Visual Arts in Pictorial Disciplines at the ABA in Rome. Creativity and professional maturity, now thirty years old, embrace each other at the same time different artistic expressions. From drawing to sculpture, with references to a classic taste that combines with the contemporary one. Since 1997 he has held personal exhibitions, and taken part in exhibitions and group shows, in Italy and abroad. High school teacher, He founded an artistic and cultural association: his private school was born where children and adults were trained and placed in the art sectors.

Art critics and trade magazines have taken an interest in his work with essays and notes. Latest personal exhibitions: 'Caput Mundi' presented by the well-known critic Vittorio Sgarbi at the La Tartaruga art gallery in via Sistina in Rome; Personal exhibition at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute presented by the Bulgarian Ambassador in Rome. His works are numerous in various public and private collections such as the 'Santissima Trinità' commissioned for the Marsi Cathedral in Avezzano.

Today he lives and works in Rome.

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